Here are some of my turnings.  I make no claim to having mastered the craft, much less the art.  But I do love doing it and love each one that survives.

In upstate California the trees in the walnut groves are English Walnut grafted onto Black Walnut root stock. When my brother-in-law heard of some trees coming down he let me know and I drove up to get the black walnut stumps.

More recent (posted 1/3/2017):

Yeah, I keep meaning to shorten the base on the little guy third from the left but never get around to it.



Less recent:

A  bi-wood bowl. A couple of the stumps had some English Walnut still attached and I purposely cut a blank or two that contained both woods. This is the first one to be finished. It may appear at first glance to be heartwood and sapwood but it's not, it's two different woods!



Medium size black walnut bowl




Larger black walnut bowl


Small black walnut bowl.  My wife won't let me give this one away.


Carved spoons


Black walnut platter


A goblet, unknown wood from the firewood stack


A small black walnut bowl that went to my aunt


Two bowls and a bottle stopper.  The little bowl on the left, alas, is too poorly shaped to give away.  The larger bowl on the right is ash.


A very large black walnut rough-out.


Three more black walnut rough outs.  I use the McNaughton coring tools.


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